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4.97 MB
- Intel CPU with 350 MHz and MMX, or AMD CPU with 450 MHz and 3Dnow! or higher
- 64MB RAM or more
- Microsoft Windows 98/98SE/ME, Windows NT/2000/2003, Windows XP, Windows Vista
- DVD-ROM drive, DVD writer drive

CloneDVD is a high-quality, user-friendly DVD copy software program. With multiple copying options, your source and/or target file can be a DVD disc, movie folder or an ISO file from your computer. This software program also has a powerful transcode engine, supporting compression of a DVD-9 movie to fit on a DVD-5 disc.

With an automatic protection (CSS, RC, RCE, UOPs and Sony ARccOS) removal system, virtually any DVD movie can be copied. CloneDVD also has unique conversion capabilities so movies can be converted to a variety of multimedia formats for playback on most portable devices.

With multiple copy modes available, the copying can be customized for a variety of options. You have the ability to copy full movies, or choose specific chapters and titles. The target DVD video size can also be customized to fit your disc.

CloneDVD also supports single-layer, dual-layer, DVD disc and DVD burners as well as all DVD-5/DVD-9 discs.

Multiple copy modes are available :
- Copy the entire discs
- Copy just the movie, omitting extras and special features
- Copy only selected titles/chapters/subtitles/audio
- Customize target DVD size to fit entire disc

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